Hudson Gardner


Who takes cold mountain road
takes a road that never ends.
— Han Shan (Cold Mountain), c. 800

It is necessary for the perfection of human society that there should be people who devote their lives to contemplation.
St Thomas Aquinas, c. 1250

At heart, I am a contemplative observer. This has led me, in turn, to living an artists life. An artist’s life means being OK with loneliness, quietude, uncertainty, and discomfort. For me in particular it means living closely in relationship to plants, animals, and landscapes. For me, these inhuman relationships are equally as valuable as human relationships. I find they make me more human. I spend a lot of time walking, biking, gardening, foraging, and otherwise being outside.

As of March 2019 I am finishing my first full-length book of writing — A Body of Water.

My writing and photos have been published by Patagonia, The Sun, American Public Media, Taproot Magazine, and more.

I have a BA in Eastern Religion with a minor in Psychology.

I enjoy the sacred act of doing nothing.

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