All of the trails in this area are user maintained, and hard to follow.   
The safe way: find someone familiar, and go together  
The unsafe way: go alone
— Directions to Lost Creek  

Chuang Tzu picked up the trail where it ended, and kept on going  
Li Po left behind a cup of steaming tea when he disappeared  
Tu Fu a branched bamboo shack, covered with old weeds, and a frog inside  
Lao Tzu left town by the most remote gate  

In the woods, where there are no paths.  
I go, and pretend to be alone.  
It would be good to be really alone.  
No one left to know, or meet  
and nothing left to see.  

"Life is long, Hudson  
and by the end  
you'll see how it ends up.  
                         (An old climber, from the Fred Beckey days.)  
We chalked up first ascents here and there.  
Cascades, haida gawai, Canadian Rockies, and up into Alaska.  
                          (Where the trees still throb with that loud-quiet thrum)  
You've got a good heart, kid.  
I told you once  
my favorite place  
are the steep slopes  
before the trees end.  
Where there are no trails."