Starting A Podcast

I have thought about starting a podcast for years. But the ideas never congealed. Just recently, though, I came to an idea that has some momentum. Over the last year I wrote a book called A Body of Water. The podcast will be about publishing this book.

The book itself is a loosely connected narrative of poems about my search for home over about four years time. It also has themes of impermanence, interbeing, and ecology.

The podcast, I hope, will bring this book to more people than it sees sitting on my hard drive. It’s also important that the book is read aloud, because a person reading something to someone else is a more complete experience than someone reading in silence.

A brief sidenote: books used to be read aloud for entertainment. In fact, reading silently to oneself used to be considered odd. And then, of course, there are the old stories, the culture, skills, and knowledge that have been passed down through spoken words since before time was counted.

I don’t know how long I will make the podcast. I’m hoping that telling the story of the book, the story of the story, will lend more clarity about a way forward. If anything, it will be good place to practice reading, writing, and speaking in a new way. And also to share some of the great music I listen to.

Listen Here