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I am back from walking about 300 hundred miles all over the west this summer. I have a lot of writing, film photos, and audio from my trips—which will all slowly be worked through this fall and winter. I may have another manuscript in the works come spring. 😘

My first book A Body of Water is now available

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Northeastern Oregon: Home for fall & winter

I have moved about 15 times in the last six years. During that time, I worked on farms and ranches from Maine to Washington, pursuing a relationship with landscapes, and a skillset different from the one I grew up with in cities.

At this point, I am worn out from meeting so many amazing people and places, then inevitably leaving them behind. So, it seems time to stake out a homeground. Northeastern Oregon makes the most sense right now. It’s a place I’ve been visiting since I was small, where I have family locally. I have a mom and step dad in Portland, and a sister in Boise too. And lots of friends in Wallowa County.

For now, Anna & I will be stitching together life as we often have—house sitting, camping, sleeping in our van—while looking for a longer term situation. We want to buy a yurt and dig it into the ground for insulation, then possibly build a cob structure or some sort of earthen building.

I want to grow a garden of wildflowers that provide food for insects and birds, cook good meals for the people near to me, run and hike on trails & ridges, harvest plants, make tea, and while away the years as life moves along.

You’re all welcome to visit anytime.