Late Summer, Spiral

Updates on my book, and a new playlist

When the days shorten, and the light has a certain color, various things come to mind. Thoughts of times from long ago, and the waning of people and seasons.

Life seems to move:
not in a circle, or in a line, but as a series of spirals.
Put that way, living becomes both easier and more mysterious.

This is how I have felt recently. I’ve spent time outside, I’ve moved around, I met people. I kept coming back to the same ideas in different places, and different ways. Walking trails for many miles, I heard nothing for days but my own mind. Needs and wants, progress and loss through roads and trails. As the summer of such a season wanes, it all brings up a certain feeling.

I like the time of year when the apples ripen. They collect on the ground in drifts, free for the taking. I like things that are wild and free. I try to make that feeling into me.

To capture this kind of feeling I made a playlist about the end of summer. I think it captures how I felt through the times, and the feeling of this season.

🌀 Late Summer ꩜

Book Update - Starts shipping on 8 September

Purchase Here:

I have to confess, I am a little sad about my book release. I ordered 108 copies due to the preorder list being almost 80 people. But less than half of that number has ordered books so far. Is it too expensive, not worth $20 ? Are people too busy?

I don’t know what to do about how overwhelmed people are. I know everyone is running around trying to pay rent, working a ton, and hopefully spending actual time with real people instead of sitting on their computers. But it does make me sad and give me a feeling of defeat to have worked so hard on something that so few people seem to be interested in.

It would probably help if I had stayed somewhere for over a year at any time in the last six years. I know that by moving around pretty much everyone I have met has forgotten about me, because that’s just how life works.

I don’t pretend to need nothing though. Just like anyone, I need friends and community. Yet sitting in a town I’ve never really lived in, “releasing” this book on a laptop, is definitely an odd experience. I know if I were actually around people, they would say something positive, be interested, and buy a book for sure. But trying to get through all the algorithmic haze and emails people get every day is basically impossible for a single person with no ad budget.

I’ve noticed this trend, that as people have been inundated with more and more digital noise, if you want their attention, you have to be relentless. I don’t believe in a relentless strategy to get people’s attention, so apart from when I start shipping books, this is likely the last you’ll hear about ordering one.