Grass Roundup No. 1

Happy April everyone, it’s the season of impatience and unpredictable weather. This is the first Grass Roundup of the things I’ve written or consumed this month. Read on for the fresh grass scent of new days and things.


Firstly, a new channel by the Criterion Collection. If you’re not already an obscure film junky, you could easily become one. Before now, Criterion Collection films were only available on clunky, archaic DVD discs. Now you can watch almost the whole collection on your phone!

My Film Picks


A threadbare old ronin helps young warriors in need. Action/Drama.

Cléo from 5 to 7

Portrait of a famous singer in Paris as she awaits the results of a biopsy. Slice of life.

Il Sorpasso

A young student of law takes an unexpected road trip from Rome to Tuscany. Comedy.


I’ve been throwing together a 🌴🏝 playlist. Not done yet but maybe fun to watch the progress. (Click the trees)


I wrote a poem yesterday, and an essay today. Here’s the poem—

Song of the canyon wren

drips, then slides down a rock.

Smooth, like passing water.

A little voice, amidst voices.

The center of this moment, and everywhere.

Holding it all together.

Grass Index

On the Grass Journal there are a lot of new things, if you haven’t looked lately —

My most popular post so far, may also be the most maligned

An article summary, and some of my own thoughts about addiction

A delicious scone recipe from my girlfriend Anna

I’m Trying To Publish A Book

I am in the process of submitting my manuscript, A Body of Water, to publishers. If you know of a press that publishes full length poetry, written in a narrative format that flows from beginning to end, and has themes of deep ecology and spirituality (but not religion), then let me know.

That’s it for this fortnight. Thank you for reading!

- Hudson