Updates about my writing

Encountering wilderness

Backpacking about ten miles into the Bridger-Teton in June.

Dear Grass Minions near and far,

I have decided to spend more time writing this fall, rolling out a rehash of the newsletter I’ve been putting out for several years.

The writing will be focused on encountering Wilderness, which is a wide net to cast. But the idea of unpacking and exploring our relationship with what Wilderness means in the modern day is a thread that has run through almost all of my thinking and writing for a few years now.

I have a few projects coming up this fall:

  1. Writing and photos about a local forester who wants to demonstrate the importance of community forestry.

  2. A piece about a salmon trap on the Union River near Belfair, WA that has been recording chum salmon levels for two decades.

  3. More poems and photos. Though, importantly, this side of the creative divide can’t be planned like articles.

I will be putting more work into this newsletter with the hope people will help support my writing monetarily—But that part won't be for a few months.