Book Release & Updates

A Body of Water will release this fall

Up the Dosewallips with some friends

Hello all,

I was hoping to get A Body of Water printed this spring, but time kind of caught up with me. I’m moving out of where I live in order to be rent free all summer, so it now looks like the book will be printed in August and shipped this fall. This may be an opportunity in disguise, because it gives me more time to promote the book to everyone I meet this summer, thus getting more people on the pre-order list, and hopefully decreasing the cost per book of the final order.

However, I have to apologize for the delay, as it probably seemed like the books were coming lickety-split.

This Summer

I will be in and around Jackson, Wyoming, and Gardiner, Montana for most of July, doing parts of the Greater Yellowstone Loop put together by Alex Gaber. I’ll be making up a lot of my own route, off trail sections and all, just because I love the area so much and really want to immerse in it this year.

For friends in Wallowa county who read this newsletter, I will be stopping through there around the 19th of June or so, on the way to Montana. Let me know if you want to meet up! I’m hoping to do some trail running and backpacking there.

I am also planning to come to SLC this summer to poke around. So if you are going to be in SLC in late July, let me know! I seem to be slowly making friends with a lot of interesting people who live there…

Where are you going to next?

The devil if I know.

I have moved about 13 times in the last five years. A lot of these moves have been like long road trips from place to place. I rarely had a job or house waiting for me in the place I was heading to. It has been interesting to say the least. But, that’s part of living intuitively.

To answer more concretely, Northeastern Oregon, or where I am now near Port Townsend, are the most likely places to land this fall. For the long term, Anna & I are hoping to get a yurt, which really only work on the high desert east side (too damp on the west side of the Cascades, too many laws, land is insanely expensive). So, long term prospects are pointing towards the dryer side of the mountains—which suits me just fine. I miss the sage, juniper, and aspen groves.

I’ll see you soon.

— Hudson