Corona Journal

April 30, 2020

I saw a man playing trumpet for an hour over background jazz music
I saw a woman juggling, and answering every question
I saw birds collect in the backyard, drinking water three times a day, arguing about who goes first
I saw a cat sleeping on a stack of pillows
I saw steam rise from morning tea
I saw ineffable feelings
I saw the color of roast hazelnuts when I took them out of the oven
I saw people turning inward
I saw people helping one another
I saw beyond the surface
I saw shadows in the dark
I saw light changing in the morning
I also saw the days growing longer
I saw photos of my friends farming
I saw people typing and working
I saw a man back hoeing in a dry river alone
I saw clear water flowing over yellowish rocks
I saw aspens turning green
I also saw myself in a mirror one day
I looked into my eyes
They were darker than I remembered
They reflected some light
and absorbed some light
and also let light in.