A Quick Update About Subscriptions

And being a freelancer in the USA

Hello All,

For some reason the payment link in my last newsletter didn’t work. I also realized that this platform (substack) combined with the payment processor takes 11% of each payment—which is a terrible deal. That essentially means I’m paying them a $10 subscription fee every month for every $100 that is donated. So I am going with PayPal.

I’ll be honest: I got hit with a tax bill of $2,800 this year. That is the equivalent of about three months of pay for me. The tax laws for freelancers in the USA are confusing—I suffered penalties for not paying something called an estimated tax 4 times a year. So, interest and fees piled up on what I owed. This led to me essentially paying 20% tax on my income, something I should be doing if I make over $40,000. I don’t even make half that.

I also realized that people probably don’t want to commit to a subscription, because people have to pay for enough every month as it is… like surprise taxes 😅. So, once a quarter, if I have been making content that has taken time and effort, I am planning to send out an email like this one, asking for support.

If you do happen to have any spare dollars, even a cup of coffee’s worth, you can send me a few dollars here:

Search for @rivrwind on Venmo

Thank you for your support,

- Hudson