A Dream I Had Last Night

Four Deer

Last night I dreamed I was in a house. I went outside and sat in tall green grass. It seemed like I was in the plains somewhere.

When I sat down in the grass a small white tail buck came up to me. His grey fur and white chest. One of his antlers was broken off. He laid down in the long green grass beside me.

Then a pronghorn antelope with black antlers came up to me. He had tawny fur and black markings and a white chest. He laid down in the grass next to me.

Then a big horn ram came up to me. They have grayish brown fur like rocks on a mountain. He laid down in the grass beside me.

Then an animal I don’t remember came up and laid down in the grass beside me.

I sat there surrounded by these four animals. They sat there looking at me. We just sat breathing and looking at each other. There were no words—but things were said.

I got up and went and sat on a bench. A few people sat there that I had once been friends with, but something happened and now we aren’t friends anymore. But we just talked like we were friends again.

I woke up to light rain outside. Then I was awake for a while. I heard thunder rumble three times for a long time. Then I fell asleep again after the rain ended.