Today I wanted to share a few photos from the old times.

Back in those days when I lived in a place with a community of people around, and in a place that felt like home.

When rent was $250 a month, and I got all the free vegetables I ever wanted from the co-op where I worked.

When I used to have film cameras, and spend the days between work and college wandering alleys finding moments of beauty.

You know, the good old days. Everyone had them once.

Not to say these days aren’t good and old either.

I always find the good old days when I take my time and walk places. They still lurk around rusting old mailboxes and rough cut tree stumps. And around the edges of strange young lizards basking on the concrete on hot days. And nowadays I know a few more things, like what matters to me, and what I want to do most times. Yet the old friend “confusion” often creeps in, and anxiety too. (Confusion is a pale old man with a five panel hat named “pi-kun” who sits endlessly at a diner late into the night. But these days I don’t have much I want to prove, or anything particularly to achieve. You may say I left lots of ideas I used to have back in those same old days.