I have been doing pushups lately. But my schedule is erratic. I rarely know when I will do a pushup. Sometimes I do them in the morning before I take my dogbone loop run through the dry neighborhoods. Sometimes at night just before bed. There are lots of times when I don’t want to do them, but I do them anyway.

As I write now I can hear birds outside in the chamisa, which is also called rabbitbrush. Some people really don’t like the scent of rabbitbrush, but I tend to like it for some reason. The birds live in it as it provides good cover from the neighborhood cats. Did you know domestic cats kill billions of small mammals and birds every year? They are single-pawedly implicated in the extinction of speceies in some places, like islands. If you ever wonder why there are less birds year after year—because, if you haven’t noticed, there are—blame the cats.

This morning my hands are cold and I haven’t moved from the red futon that I write on sometimes. I first meditated for a while but couldn’t stop thinking about all the aspects of my car that need to be fixed still before we leave Santa Fe. So far I have replaced the thermostat, the bottom radiator hose, the rear differential fluid, about 20 feet of vaccuum line, the PCV valve, the radiator cap. I sealed the exhaust with muffler weld and also used some room temperature vulcanizing silicone to fix a tiny tear that developed in the stupid brand new 900-dollar-job CV boot. Sorry if that’s boring to hear, because a year ago I also wouldn’t have known what almost any of that was. But if you buy a 1991 Isuzu Pickup off craigslist, even if it only has 64,000 miles on it (like this one) you better know how to replace a lot of stuff fast or you’re gonna run up a big bill at the mechanic. The only work that really is left to do is the valve cover gasket and maybe a fuel line that leaks randomly every 6 months. Oh, and the front brakes. Which I’ll leave to a mechanic.

I have managed to spend this entire morning hacking away at this website, which I built more or less from scratch a year ago. Coding is a lot like auto maintainence actually. One tries things and turns it back on, and if it sounds good, I guess it is done right.

The light keeps changing every day. The days are longer, but we are inside. It seems trails are shutting down all over the country. I wonder if animals are feeling restful with less people around. It’s great of humans to go outdoors, to own cars, cats, and all these things. But man, it sure takes a tax on the earth in the process.